• Audiofly



    Based in Australia, Audiofly design and build headphones. We’ve crafted tone for years; our obsession as musicians guides the development of our products.

    With an eye on classic designs from the past, we’re fueled with excitement to push new boundaries: Drivers customised for insane detail, super strong CORDURA® fabric cables, hybrid speaker configurations for warmth and clarity, plus clearer microphone technology.

    Since launching our first headphones in late 2011, Audiofly have been banging the drum for ultimate clarity in music. It’s about rediscovering your tunes with every last speck of detail, and this keeps us brimming with optimism for the path ahead.

  • Castagnari


    Here the Castagnari have produced accordions since 1914. A passion for music that has been handed down for three generations, a craft that keeps untouched the same ingredients of an old tradition: quality and harmony, in order to satisfy musicians from all over the world.

    Castagnari story

  • E Soprani

    E Soprani

    E Soprani is an Italian maker of accordions based in Castelfidardo Italy. It is a long established name of good repute.

  • Hora


    The city of Reghin, called the city of violins, is synonymous with musical instruments production in Romania. This is because in Reghin there are many companies producing musical instruments, especially bowed ones. The most important of them is HORA. With a tradition of almost 60 years, a turnover of 5 million euros and about 300 workers, HORA is the biggest factory for bowed instruments and guitars in Europe.

  • MEINL Sonic Energy

    MEINL Sonic Energy

    Tootja leht: meinlsonicenergy.com

  • Microvox


    We are a small company based in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. The company was set up in 1987 with the brief to design and manufacture microphone systems for acoustic instruments.

    After some considerable research and co-operation with professional musicians we have produced systems which produce true acoustic sound with the maximum user friendliness at a reasonable cost. Microvox microphones are used by many working musicians.


  • Orla


    The story begun when Nazzareno Orlandoni (but the industry knows him as Mimmo all over the world) created the company to manufacture parts for accordions and reed organs in 1957 under the name Orlandoni And Co. In the early days of the company, Mimmo was joined by Alfio Monaci (Mimmo's brother-in-law) the new company name was chosen and the ORLA company was established in 1965 in Castelfidardo, the musical instrument capital of Italy. The company went into the production of electronic organs and quickly established a reputation in the world market and it is now the only company in Italy and Europe known as full line manufacturer producing Home Organs, Church Organs, Digital Pianos, Portable Keyboards and Sound Modules and Electronic Accordions.

  • Ortega


    The starting point for our modern company was the crafting
    of guitars along classical Spanish lines. Today we have
    taken traditional guitar-making to new levels, developing
    instruments that are tailored listening to our customers’
    requirements. And in doing so we use all our senses – listening
    to them, fingering them, gauging their shape and colour.
    The results can be found in every single instrument we make –
    which you have helped to create!
    Connecting all these things together allows us to on pulse of time.
  • Scandalli


    In 1900 Silvio Scandalli started to produce accordions with the help of his family.

    In a few years, between 1915 and 1921, out of a small workshop in Camerano a small company was created which was to become an industrial force, which in 1941 employed over 700 workers.

  • Serenellini Accordions

    Serenellini Accordions

    Since 1978 Serenellini manufactures a wide range of excellent handcrafted accordions, able to satisfy the needs of the student as well as of the most demanding professional accordionist.

    The artisan style of Serenellini’s accordion perfectly suits to the quality of the product; using only the best Italian raw materials, employing highly experienced craftsmen and adhering to a severe policy of accurate on-line testing up to the final product give rise to the top reliability guarantee of the instrument.

  • Studiologic


    Studiologic is a manufacturer of digital musical instruments, since forever specialized in the production of high quality MIDI Controllers.

    We want to develop our instruments for the professional musicians and support them with:

    • The best touch thanks to the best keyboards
    • The best design for ergonomics and easy control
    • The best technology of mechanics and sounds
    • High quality products

    These points are the essence of Studiologic.

  • Taurus


    Taurus Amplification

    Taurus products are designed and hand crafted in our facility based out of Sopot, Poland.
    For the past 30 years, it's been our philosophy to provide you with the best fully professional musical gear.
    Adam Kozakiewicz, founder of Taurus Amplification, musician, sound and electronic engineer is spreading his passion and dedication to music and technology on all of us.