Digital Piano Steinmayer P-60 SM with stand

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  • 88 real hammer keys with touch dynamics, max. polyphony: 128, 14 voices + 1 drum kit and 1 sound effect set
  • Functions: Record, Layer, Split, Transpose, Tune, Twinova, Metronome
  • Effects: reverb, chorus, delay, 2-band equalizer, 50 classical melodies and 321 learning exercises
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  • Connections: USB to host (Type B), 3-pedal controller, sustain pedal, stereo line out (cinch), headphones, power connector
  • Dimensions including music holder (W x D x H): 132 x 34 x 96.5 cm, weight of stage piano: 13.9 kg, color: black

Excellent sound in a compact package!

The P-60 Steinmayer offers 14 outstanding sounds in a noble and compact stage piano. In addition to the real hammer
keys, the P-60 is equipped with additional functions such as a recorder, split and transpose, as well as several more
effects. Whether as an elegant digital piano with a stand or a portable piano, both beginners and professionals will get
their money's worth out of this easy-to-use piano.

14 different sounds
The high-quality selection of a total of 14 voices allows you to add your own accent to your playing and evoke different
styles and feelings.

Real hammer keyboard with adjustable touch dynamics
The keyboard of the P-60 has real hammer mechanics that authentically simulate the feel of an acoustic piano with
traditional mechanics.

128-fold polyphony
Full tonal range, even on the most complex piano passages, is guaranteed by the 128-voice polyphony. This stage piano can
play up to 128 tones at the same time.

Layer and split functions
The P-60 lets you layer two voices, such as strings and piano. The split function allows two separate sounds to be played
next to each other.

Reverb and other effects
To give the piano the right surround sound, you can use the reverb button to add a reverb effect. For more extraordinary
sound colorations, there are also other effects such as chorus and delay at your disposal.

The P-60 as a Twinova Piano
Another feature of the P-60 is the ability to divide the keyboard in half so that you can create the effect of having two
small, independent piano keyboards side by side.


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