List of products by brand Castagnari

Here the Castagnari have produced accordions since 1914. A passion for music that has been handed down for three generations, a craft that keeps untouched the same ingredients of an old tradition: quality and harmony, in order to satisfy musicians from all over the world.

Castagnari story

People often call an accordion a "squeeze box" or "box of the soul"...

We believe that inside the Castagnari accordions there is a piece of our soul as well.

We choose the best woods, but we also pay attention to the journey of the tree trunks and we take into account the ancient methods of wood drying that enhance the natural acoustics of the wood. Once the wood is cut, from one block we obtain a single instrument, which we work by hand using the same techniques after almost a century.


Our production philosophy is to challenge today’s world of figures and speed, it is to put the instrument into the foreground. This philosophy has characterised our family’s path since the origins and has enabled us to ensure beautiful and acoustically perfect accordions.


This choice of quality has been rewarded by the folk music greats as well as today’s young talents that play Castagnari melodeons.