Rocktile ST Pack Electric Guitar Set White

Rocktile ST Pack Electric Guitar Set White

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Rocktile ST Pack Electric Guitar Set White

    Electric guitar in ST design with 3x single coil pickups
    Amplifier with overdrive and headphone jack
    Electric guitar school (German) with CD & DVD
    Bag, cable, picks and spare strings
    Clip tuner with rotating display

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Ideal for upcoming guitar stars!

The Banger's Pack electric guitar set is perfectly suited for a successful entry into the world of guitarists! With complete full equipment, this set is unbeatable in terms of price/performance!
Electric guitar in the design of the great role models

The Rocktile electric guitar in the classic ST outfit and beautiful finish not only looks first-class, but also has a lot to offer in terms of sound variety. With the 5-way pick-up selector switch, the three single-coil pickups can be combined in different ways to cover sounds from rock to jazz.
Powerful amplifier included

The included amplifier delivers enough power to get the neighbours going. So it is perfectly adequate for practice sessions at home or the rehearsal room. Besides a gain control with a boost switch for distorted sounds, the amplifier offers a tone control and a volume control. A headphone jack on the front also guarantees silent practising for late hours.
All you need to get started right away

The set also includes a practical guitar bag with backpack set, 1 pack of additional guitar strings, a jack connection cable, a guitar strap and a tremolo lever. Also included in the set is the guitar school "E-Gitarre sielen - Die Coolness um den Hals gehängt" (german) incl. CD & DVD by Michael Schwager! So equipped the set is a price-performance hammer.

The Classic Cantabile T-26 is a compact clip tuner which is suitable for tuning many instrument groups. In addition to chromatic mode, the T-26 can be set to guitar or bass. A graphic with 12 segments shows the accurate tuning to the cent.

The conclusion of a guitar maker: amazing quality for this price!


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