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Classic Cantabile Brioso Cello Set 3/4

  • 3/4-size cello, carved top made of solid spruce wood
  • Flamed maple back and sides, bridge: maple
  • Fretboard, peg, tailpiece and saddle made of ebony
  • 4 steel strings, including fine tuners, length: 116 cm
  • Weight: approx. 2.8 kg, dimensions of case (LxWxH): 125 x 31 x 47 cm, matte lacquered
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Ignite the passion within!

Classic Cantabile Brioso Cellos offer top quality at a surprisingly low price. Hand-selected woods, an excellent sound and a comprehensive accessory package characterize these instruments.

Select materials
The back and sides of the Brioso Celli are made of flamed maple, the top, which is vital to the sound, is made of carved solid spruce wood. The cello doesn't just impress with its looks. It also has a high-quality sound. The bridge made of hard maple transmits the vibrations of the strings, which allows its beautiful sound to take shape. The fingerboard, tailpiece and peg are made of extra hard and durable ebony.

Easily playable
The slender neck of the Brioso makes it easy for the cello novice to grab the strings. For an especially accurate tuning, all the strings are equipped with a fine tuner, which is fitted on the tailpiece. In order to be transported safely, the cello is detuned and the bridge removed upon delivery. Before playing, the bridge should be placed and the strings tuned.

Case and accessories
The case made of weatherproof synthetic fabric is not only lightweight, but it also protects your cello from dust, dirt and bumps. The case can be grabbed by the handle, worn over the shoulder, worn as a backpack or pulled as a trolley, making it a reliable companion for transporting your cello. In addition to the generous outer pocket, which can fit music up to size DIN A4, there are other wonderful accessories waiting for you inside, including a Brazilwood bow and rosin. The case has two bow holders and a storage compartment for accessories.

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